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January 2nd, 2022 Blog

Why should we take mental health seriously?

Human being has a huge life to live and multiple roles they play through their life. We need a healthy body to live our lives up to a satisfactory level. Physical health is not only the aspect we should take care of. Mental, emotional, social aspects together form a healthy person. 

Mental wellbeing or mental health is one aspect of human life or body taken lightly by people worldwide. We don’t know how important mental health is and why we should take it seriously. We neglect mental wellbeing throughout our lives, which has significant impacts on our life and physical health. 

Mental well-being is a condition where a human can finely recognize his\her abilities, disabilities, and ability to cope with every situation and stress in life. Mental well-being brings in more stability, strength, satisfaction, and happiness in the life of an individual.

Why should we take mental health seriously?

Physical health is given all consideration for a healthy and long life, and mental health has the same importance as physical health. Are you ashamed, afraid or embarrassed to share about the instability of your mental health, then you must know the reasons why you should take your mental health seriously-

  • Mental health impacts physical health– if you are mentally unwell and unable to cope with the stress and unwanted situation in your life, it can have some major implications on your physical health. You would feel dizzy and drained. This can change into saviour effects on physical health.
  • It affects others around you- how strong and well you are mentally also impacting people around you, be it your family, friends, or even colleague. Your vibes change to negative, and it has effects on people regularly living around you, and their mental health or physical health may also hamper. 
  • Mental illness had negative impacts– Mental health is one thing; we hesitate to share it with anyone, which has major adverse effects and consequences. Suicides, loss of memory, depression, pneumonia, anaemia, heart diseases, kidney diseases, digestive problems, dizziness, density to harm someone else are prevalent among people suffering from mental health, which can be highly harmful the person and others as well. 
  • Mental illness is more common than you have ever thought– People suffering from mental health issues believes that this is the problem only they are suffering. Still, 100 out of 10 people suffers from one or another mental health issue. So, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of sharing about your mental problems. Outspeak and seek the solutions.
  • It can become Genetic– Unwell mental health can even have a long-term impact not only on the person but also on your next generation. The best example of this consequence is that if a pregnant lady is suffering from depression, there are 90% chances that the baby would also impact the mother’s state of mind. 

So, we need to stop considering only physical health as a symbol of a healthy life, but we need to be open up and help ourselves and others to improve Mental health. You can start practicing some essential therapies and activities to improve your mental health or maintain good mental health. 

The famous saying health is wealth denotes a person who is mentally, physically, socially and emotionally fit in any situation of life. Stop thinking and start taking action for your mental health to protect your complete health.

Mental health is just not related to your brain, but it has a connection with the whole of your body. Physical health makes you physically weak, but unwell mental health makes you emotionally, socially, morally, physically weak, and helpless.

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