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January 2nd, 2022 Blog

What are the signs that you are severely depressed?

Being unhappy, sad or feeling alone does not mean that the person is depressed, thinking that an individual is depressed because they had a bad week at work, facing family problems or going through breakups. Depression is way more than that, this is a condition when a person is fighting within itself and everything around them. Depression is a much more critical condition than just being unhappy or going through a particular situation.

When a person is severely depressed there are different symptoms visible in them. The specific warning signs that decide, how severely a person is depressed.

Signs or symptoms of being severely depressed-

The symptoms of being severely depressed differ from person to person, the symptoms differ in Men, Women, Adults, Old-aged and teenagers are different. These symptoms needed to be monitored according to age and gender.

Hopeless outlook

Major depression impacts the mood and way of outlook in general. The person with depression becomes hopeless and helpless and generates a different outlook towards life. Guilt, unworthiness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, self-hate are the most common symptom of major depression.

Sleeping problems

When a person is facing major depression, they usually sleep more or sleep extremely less, they feel tired, lazy, fatigued and lack of energy the whole day long. They feel low and sleepy. They stop enjoying things around them. Depression problems are directly linked to insomnia.


Anxiety is one major symptom of depression, anxiety comes first when a person is facing depression. Symptoms of anxiety accelerate the signs of depression-

  • Nervousness, restlessness or feelings tense
  • Feelings of panic, danger and death
  • Rapid heart rate and breathing rate
  • Muscle twitching’s
  • Constant feelings of fear and tensions. 
  • Unclear thoughts and feelings.

Changes in appetite and weight

There is a frequent change in the weight of the person with depression, either they will gain so much weight or they will lose more than expected weight. The person with depression has a disturbed appetite. They eat more frequently and too much, or they eat not at all. The imbalance consumption of food causes many problems and diseases in the body. This is one of the major symptoms of depression.

Uncontrollable emotions

The person struggling with depression usually has uncontrollable emotions, like either, they feel more anxious, sad, angry, and crying or no emotions at all. There are times when the person cries a lot or has an outburst of anger.

Loss of interest

The person facing a lot of depression will gradually start losing interest in everything around them. They will not love to pursue their hobbies; they will stop enjoying. The symptom becomes measured when the person starts losing interest in the daily chores, workplace, family, friends, and other things as well. This is a major condition when a person is severely depressed.

Looking for death

The person who is depressed may seek death from different modes. Suicides are more prominent when a person is extremely depressed. Unable to solve their problems and feeling extremely helpless and hopelessly unable to come out of the condition which causes the person to kill themselves. There are 25% of death cases in the world that happens when people have killed themselves due to depressions.

As we have discussed earlier there are different depressive signs in everyone be it a man, woman, old aged, middle-aged, or even a teen or kid. Because everyone in life faces different situations and they have different reasons for their depression. The above-mentioned are the most common symptoms which can be noticed in the person who is depressed.

If you are facing any such depressive signs and are unable to help it. Then don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional, it is just a disease that u suffer mentally as you face a disease physically and take the help of your doctor.

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