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January 2nd, 2022 Blog

Reasons why you should not ignore your mental health-

Stress, loss, anxiety, and sadness, everyone has dealt with these emotions over the past several weeks. When these symptoms keep you from functioning in daily life, or you have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, it’s time to get help.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health. Many people deal with ongoing conditions that need attention – even during a pandemic. Now is not the time to ignore your mental health,” said Matthew Stanley, DO, Avera Medical Group psychiatrist and Clinical Vice President of the Avera Behavioural Health Service Line.

“We’ve seen fewer people reaching out for help during the pandemic, and this is of concern. We know that the incidence of behavioural health conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction hasn’t gone away. We want to send the message that there’s a trusted team who’s ready and able to help,” Stanley said.

Ignoring behavioural health symptoms can worsen a condition or, sadly, the loss of life through suicide.

There may be those who try to self-medicate through the use of substances such as alcohol, prescription pain medications, or other drugs. “This is a red flag, too, that can lead to the disease of addiction. If not addressed, addiction can destroy relationships, careers, and lives,” Stanley said.

If you ignore your mental health problems at the initial stage or a later stage, this will leave a huge impact on your life. There are many reasons which ensure that an individual should pay equivalent heed to their mental health as they pay to their physical health. After a mental disease stage, it becomes tough to treat them and cure them compared to physical diseases. 

Reasons you should not ignore your mental health-

It would be best not to ignore your mental health because it can have saviour effects on your all-over life and lifestyle. Having an imbalanced mental condition invites a house of diseases in your body. The effects could be harmful to you, and the loved one around you. 

  1. Mental health problems are more dangerous than an individual think. It works like a slow poison that eats the whole body of an individual. You will reach a state of a mentally disabled person. Getting the right treatment and advice to understand your mental health issue is very important. 
  2. A person suffering from mental health issues may have suicidal behaviour to kill themself. They do not understand what is exactly happening with them, and the poor mental health makes them tired of everything around them. 
  3. Mental health diseases run in the family. Our all-over body and its functioning are deeply affected by our family history. Mental health problems and diseases may transferer to other people or your kids. Which become another threat of being mentally unwell? 
  4. Mental health affects your physical health as well. Mental health may worsen your physical health condition and invite many chronic and mortal diseases in your body. 
  5. A person dealing with mental health problems runs out of capacity to socialize, be happy, and feel loved. Feelings like sadness, loneliness, anger get to fill in their minds. Such behavioural issues affect the family and the person.

Final thoughts 

In the era of technology, we all have access to technology; we all know the symptoms, dangers, causes, and treatments for different problems. If you are an individual facing any symptom which is related to well-being of your mental health. Then start paying complete attention to being mentally fit, fine, and happy. 

If you are unable to deal with your mental health issues on your own. Then you must check on the Mental health experts and seek help from them to ensure the well-being of your mental health.

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