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September 2nd, 2021 Blog

COVID, According to Astrology

In the last two years, our country has gone through many tragic events, which terrified people until their souls. From NCA Riots, farmer strikes, lockdown, deaths, fewer health facilities in our country. Every country across the globe is facing the worst condition due to covid-19. The virus has made our lives immensely sick and still. 


We all are looking forward to the end of this pandemic and eagerly waiting to get our normal lives back.  

Covid-19 is a virus that is showing different effects on different people across the world. It does not only have a scientific background but astrological background too. According to the effect of heavenly bodies, galaxies, and planets, such transmission diseases occur after time. 

Astrology on Covid-19

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According to the expert astrologers in India, whenever the planet’s dragon head and dragon tail, Rahu and Ketu, come in the zodiac signs, they start affecting the earth and all its deceptive infection and transmission disease. Many holy books have mentioned the transmitted diseases through bats, snakes, and other insects. Although the astrological predictions are failing at a rapid pace, the coronavirus has shown its worst effects. According to astrologers, the solar eclipse in the last year 2020 had slowed down the effect of coronavirus. 

But now, the coronavirus is again hitting the country hard with its worst effects in 2021. The countries are facing lockdowns, weekend curfews, nigh curfews, and more restrictions are back as the second wave of coronavirus is stronger than the previous one. This time the death and positive rates are higher than the last year’s waves. 

In India, the effects of coronavirus are severe and worst, and the pandemic is claiming thousands of deaths in the country. Coronavirus has arrested the attention and freedom of everyone across India. The covid cases are breaking the records of the number of cases per day. 

According to astrologers, the covid-19 will continue to affect the world, but at the same time, the vaccinations and medication invented by the medical sciences will continue to improve the situation. Do not forget to take necessary measures to avoid the spread of coronavirus. 

According to the astrologers, the effects of coronavirus are expected to be continued till the first two-quarters of the month of august and the year 2021. The month of August is predicted to be significant in establishing normalcy again. The astrologers also took into account the great prophecy of an ancient Indian sage, Veera Bharmendra Rishi. He warned about the troublesome time of such transmission diseases, which humankind throughout the world will go through in 2020 and 2021. The effects of the disease will continue to impact the world. This disease will make the life of thousands of people during this pandemic. 

Final thoughts

The effects of coronavirus will differ according to the zodiacal signs of the human. The effect may be worse or maybe light on you and your family. There are people whose families have faced the worst times during this pandemic, and they have lost their loved ones during this pandemic. The coronavirus has brought health crises in human life, but it has brought and affected financial crisis, insecurities, mental stress, unemployment, and other many such crises. 

You can take your astrological predictions through your trusted astrologers to learn about your near future and the effect of coronavirus on you and your family. They may guide you in the right direction with some remedies to slow down the effects of coronavirus. 

You can take the help of other branches of astrology like numerology, tarot, and others to help you with some good remedies. 

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