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August 24th, 2021 Blog

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder: Difference and Remedy


The feeling of dread, uneasiness, rapid heartbeat, and fear is all enough to remind you of anxiety. Isn’t it? Now, if you have started to worry about the consequences of anxiety, then hold on! Let me tell you that it’s normal and can happen to anybody. (Don’t you remember the experience of adrenaline before an exam, interview, results, special meeting, or taking any crucial decisions!)

One of the great philosophers, Epictetus, rightly said, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters”. The feeling and consequences of anxiety make this quote pretty much relatable. Right!

Ordinary anxiety is harmless and can also motivate you sometimes to work hard and perform better. But anxiety disorder can interfere with the sustenance of your healthy routine. So, on this note, let us delve into discovering some remedies for reducing the effects of anxiety and an anxiety disorder. 

Reducing anxiety: Roadway for healing

Those with anxiety disorders must primarily concentrate on the treatment (comprising medication, psychological therapies, and suggestions) of the doctor. However, apart from the expert’s consultation and treatment, there are a few remedies for anxiety that you can include in your daily habits and leverage its advantage. 

Saiyan Health has narrowed down a few simple remedies that can help heal from anxiety and an anxiety disorder (in this case, it will help you increase the pace of treatment).  

Try to remain in your time zone.

The problem of anxiety mainly occurs due to your apprehensions related to the future. Therefore, you need to understand that predicting something (that might happen) or worrying about possibilities is solely associated with the future. And in every way, anything related to the future is beyond our control. 

With that said, I reckon the other quote of Epictetus, “There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will’. And he was so right. Don’t you agree! Therefore, allow happiness to surround your aura by living in and for the present. 

Focus on being rational and Calm down! 

People dealing with anxiety can experience a series of thoughts (mainly consisting of worsening scenarios or negativity), often alleviating the anxiousness, leading to panic attacks. But all you need to do in this situation is take multiple deep breaths (breath in and out) and calm yourself down. 

The state of anxiety can diminish your ability to be rational with your thoughts and reduce your ability to analyze. To get over this, you need to initiate a pattern of rethinking your fears (rationally and analytically). This will take your brain towards getting back to being reasonably responsible.

Shape it up with healthy living!

Involving these habits in your daily routine can gradually tilt your personality towards positivity and happiness. These two virtues will help you in replacing the feeling of anxiety with utmost confidence and strength. 

Some healthy habits include exercising and trying to stay active, taking sufficient sleep, eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol, enough sugar, cigarettes, and caffeine intake (because they carry a tendency to aggravate the feeling of anxiety). Specific diets or food can help you beat stress and anxiety at a significant pace. 

Read exciting and impactful books.

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You must try out diverse genres and discover your taste in books as they can be one of your perfect partners (especially if you are among the ones who find solace in solitude). Trust me! You will experience a break from the stress and worries as soon as the world of books enters your mind’s atmosphere.  

Some of the best books written on anxiety are: First, We Make The Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson; Feeling Good (the new mood therapy) by David Burns; The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Elaine Aron, etc. Gain appropriate perspectives for anxiety and give yourself excellent company by reading these books. 

Tune in to good music and entertaining videos

Good music is one of the best and significantly impactful stress busters, which can help you in reducing anxiety to a considerable extent. Furthermore, entertainment, humor, and laughter can be the best combination to replenish you with an atmosphere of euphoria and happiness. 

Some of the studies also equalize humor and laughter with that of an exercise in reducing anxiety. So, try to incorporate them into your life to practice such suggestions. 

Explore, emphasize and imbibe

It is easy to acquire knowledge for dealing with specific problems but gaining an appropriate perspective and aligning your actions in that direction can be challenging. Confused! Okay, let me make it simple for you. There are a zillion formulas and equations you have or had to go through in your school days, but will memorize them serve the practical purpose? Not really, right! 

Similarly, along with exploring the reasons, consequences, and ways to recover concerning dealing with anxiety, you also need to emphasize the prominent components and imbibe them in your actions (so that you could get started with the cleaning of psychological mess).

Moreover, there is no denial of the roleplay of medication. Still, the effects of self-motivation, psychotherapy, and discipline can leave a substantial advantage to heal you from anxiety or respective disorders. 

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