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February 20th, 2021 Blog


In the event that you are facing health issues since long and can’t discover a cure or regardless of whether a relative of yours is confronting a medical issue, at that point we are here to reveal to you some visionary tips for a healthy body. By adhering to these couple of basic directions, one can get a sound actual wellbeing alongside a psychological equilibrium. Astrology says that each medical condition is connected with a planet in the birth chart. Either the planet is situated in an off-base position or it is contrarily influenced by some other planet.

Here are few remedies that can help you with your good health:

1- In the event that somebody has been down a result of anybody’s evil eye, at that point giving the individual 7 flower petals in a betel leaf [Paan], will not just free him from the evil impacts of the evil eye however the prescriptions will likewise be more successful.

2- Any individual who is about to die and all methods for recovery and treatment have been unsuccessful yet can’t breathe his last; at that point a beneficent gift of Salt should be done through the hands of the dying person.

3- For great wellbeing, take a coin of Rs. 1. Keep it close to your pillow while dozing and afterward toss it in borderline of cemetery in the morning. You will stay healthy.

4-Flood peepal tree with water blended in with modest quantity of milk and at night light incense stick (agarbatti) and oil lamp (deepak) there. Start it from any day proceeding up to seven days. Individual will begin recovering.

5-Light oil light (deepak) close to grave or dargaah at night (after sunset).Light incense stick (agarbatti) and put bataashe at that point don’t turn around. Individual will recover soon.

6-If any individual has been unwell since quite a while, he may have been incurred by the ‘evil eye”, to avoid the ‘evil-eye’, take a new coconut and circle it multiple times around his/her head and then burn this coconut totally in a fire [oven/conciliatory fire/any level holder can be used for the fire].this will affect the individual’s wellbeing and prosperity.

7-To avert medical illness and poverty from one’s life and family, take seven jute – covered coconuts on a Monday during the melting away Moon fortnight and submerge them in streaming water/waterway….this will have gainful outcomes.

8- On the primary Monday of every month , in the first part of the daily prayer your family-god and circle a touch of yellow mustard seed over your head ,multiple times and afterward toss them outside the house… … you will consistently be spared from medical illness.

9- In the event that newly washed and pressed garments from the clothing are gotten contact with the patient and requests are offered for his well-being, the patient gives indications of early recovery.

10- To collect help from medical illness in the event of moms… … take 121 sweet-puddings [‘pedas’] and distribute them among youngsters and poor people and penniless… … certainly she will give indications of progress.

Planets accountable for good well being

Moon is considered for the psychological well-being of an individual while Solar is considered for the substantial prosperity of a person. Great or undesirable well-being relies on the force or feeble purpose of those planets.

In astrology first, second, 6th, seventh, eighth and eleventh homes are considered for well-being related focuses though the twelfth home shows the hospitalization. First home importance the ascendant means our total build and its look to sum things up. It means the psychological notwithstanding real appropriately being of a person. So in the event that the ascendant is dominant and the ascendant master is appropriately situated, at that point the individual might be a lot of less inclined to get any sicknesses.

Planets responsible for unhealthy well being

Saturn and Mars for the most part are responsible for the unhealthy wellbeing a person. Saturn indicates the illnesses in an individual though Mars connotes wounds, mishaps, or absence of blood in any methods feasible. Second and seventh homes are considered as Marak Bhava in a Kundali. Whenever when the dasha or antardasha of second and seventh homes comes, an individual is extra inclined to fight with well-being opinions. 6th and eleventh homes are the home of illness and diseases which typically bring up what kind of illness you may require in your life. These homes present the powerless organs of our body and issues which will happen related to these organs.

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