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December 13th, 2020 Blog

Common Myths about Astrology You Should Stop Believing.

There are numerous myths about astrology that need to be addressed and enlightened in order to generate awareness among modern thinkers. Today we are going to put some light on some famous myths about astrology and will help you understand astrology in a more profound way.

Myth 1-The sun sign in astrology reveals your complete personality

Every newspaper carries columns of sun signs discussing predictions based on your birthdays but you have to understand that astrological predictions are not just simply based on your sun signs. Accurate predictions are drawn on the basis of your ascendant sign.

Myth 2-Astrology only helps to forecast life events

It is true that astrology helps to predict the real life events and prepare you for unforeseen and difficult circumstances in your life. But astrology is also a tool self-improvement as it can disclose which area one has to improve their skills so they can lead a prosperous life. Astrology helps you to grow as a person.

Myth 3-You don’t need to work hard if your birth chart has good horoscope

Astrology has great connection with karma. Having good horoscope and planetary combination works as ice on cake but it is not possible to get their results without working hard. It is not possible to get positive results if you sit back and don’t make efforts.

Myth 4-You can’t overrule Karma by choosing an auspicious birth time for a child

One thing which needs to be crystal clear is that astrology has strong connection with karma. Astrology is inadequate without the idea of karma. Karma can basically be identified with circumstances and logical results. Despite the fact that the facts confirm that we can’t change the reason, yet with mindful determination, people can change the impact somewhat.

Myth 5-Happy couples don’t need to match their horoscopes

There is a myth that astrological indications don’t work when two individuals are in a caring and happy relationship. This is far away from reality. The planetary impact will work independent of somebody’s present status of relationship.

Myth 6-You can solve all your problems through astrological remedies

The greater part of the astrological counseling today joins remedies, consequently making the thought that the two are indistinguishable. While the greater part of the remedies are truly centered around eliminating psychological obstructions, a similar outcome can likewise be accomplished by requiring a mindful effort to change choices consistently and remain in that choice for quite a while.

Myth 7-Regressive planets always give bad results

There are countless misinterpretations about retrograde planets. “Retrograde planets decide our previous karma; retrograde planets would give bad outcomes; retrograde planets are unusual and so on” Ancient forecasters never referenced such theories in any old style text. Later individuals concocted such hypotheses dependent on their own understandings.

Myth 8-Astrology can’t be true since twins don’t lead the same life

Many discard the subject of astrology, imagining that it doesn’t defend difference in the life of twins, in spite of having a similar horoscope. A few astrologers would give different theories in the divisional diagram as the explanation behind the distinction in the life of twins. In any case, in the event that you apply this situation for two individuals brought into the world in a similar medical clinic simultaneously, at that point the divisional outline would likewise be similar accordingly neglecting to address the topic of researchers.

Myth 9-Astrology encourages pessimism and denies free will

Many feel that having confidence in astrology makes one person pessimist and it obstructs their progress. But astrology works in another way altogether. Astrology has helped numerous people settle on a superior choice dependent on their distinctive strength. Astrology helps you grow as a person and it is more like a map which helps you reach your destination without any confusion and delay.

Myth 10- Astrology origins Earth as the center of the universe

Numerous individuals including astrologers mistake the Geo-centric model with Geo-centric perception. We people live on earth and our perception of the universe is from the earth. So, all the astrologers’ readings depend on the geocentric perception of planetary movement. Notwithstanding, this had brought about disarray among people that astrology upholds Geocentric theory. With this single misapprehension, many come to the assumption that Astrology is not scientific!

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